Acne Treatment with Blue Light Therapy

If you happen to be a sufferer of acne and have failed medical or topical treatments, consider the Blue Light treatment.

What is involved in Blue Light Therapy?

This is a therapy for those who suffer from low to medium acne levels. The Blue Light proves effective as it kills the bacteria responsible for the formation of acne. They may be used along with sensitizing solutions that help the Blue Light work better.

What is it like to have Blue Light Therapy?

Typically these treatments are not painful. You basically lie down and have the blue light bathe your face for up to thirty minutes. You can resume your regular activities after having the Blue Light treatment and you come back for another treatment each week for a total of up to 8–10 sessions. You generally get an improved look that lasts for many months after the therapy. You do need maintenance treatments to keep the skin looking good.

Benefits and Risks of Blue Light Therapy

This is generally considered a very safe way in which to have your acne removed. The Blue Light acts on sebaceous glands of the skin and not on other tissue within the skin. The bacteria are killed and the acne is improved within 2–4 weeks.

Do you have to have many Blue Light sessions?

You really need to have many sessions for it all to work to get rid of the acne. Everyone responds differently and some people need to have more sessions than others. You can begin to see results in 2–4 weekly treatments.