Acne – A List of Things that May Cause Breakouts

Acne breakouts seem to occur at the most inappropriate times. Numerous factors may lead to this problem. Here is a look at eight things that can make a person break out.

Big Plans

Planning for something exciting can cause acne to occur. Events like a vacation or a wedding may be happy times, but can be extremely stressful to plan. Stress causes the immune system to lose control and pimples to erupt. During a stressful time, it may help to take some ibuprofen, which calms inflammation.


Most people use a wide range of products on hair. These items can rub against the face and block skin pores. To prevent breakouts, it will be wise to clean the forehead with salicylic acid.


Most people do not know that the water used to shower can actually lead to acne. Hard water does not properly rinse soap off of the skin. The residue may lead to pimples. To correct the problem, a person may need to purchase an inexpensive water softener.


Pimples may occur on any part of the face. When a person is allergic to certain ingredients in toothpaste, perioral dermatitis can occur. Likely culprits will be fluoride and whitening additives. To avoid or correct the problem, it may be best to temporarily use toothpaste that is free of fluoride.

Coffee With Cream

Although there is no conclusive scientific research that has blamed dairy for acne breakouts, many people believe that the proteins and peptides in milk trigger pimples. To rule out dairy as a problem, it is best to avoid rich latte or creams and drink black coffee. After a few weeks, a person may notice a clearer face.


When a man has stubble and kisses a woman, it can lead to great friction that causes her skin to become irritated and inflamed. A girl’s skin can begin to break out. Another thing that may be to blame is the man’s heavy aftershave. To solve the problem, a man should shave his face and stop applying cologne to the face. This will keep kissing more comfortable and less likely to cause pimples.

Birth Control

Even though most birth control pills can clear up acne, a change in hormones can cause breakouts. It may be wise to switch brands. A gynecologist will be able to help realign hormone levels and stop pimples.

Sun Exposure

The sun is known to dry up pimples. However, too much exposure can cause the skin to thicken. This can lead to blocked pores. To avoid this problem, it is always smart to apply an oil free sunscreen that contains UV protection.

Breakouts can occur at any time. Instead of reaching for cosmetics to cover up the problem, it is better to get to thee root of the problem. The above things are just a few common reasons why a person may suffer bouts of acne.