A One-Hour, Non-Surgical Facelift

When Make-Up is Not Enough and Surgery is too much

There comes a time when make-up can only do so much to hide the dark circles, bags, and sun damage that inevitably come with age. But maybe you’re not ready for your grandmother’s facelift. You fear looking stretch and pulled, not to mention the downtime.

Enter the One-Hour Facelift: a non-surgical alternative to going under the knife. Dr. Simon Ourian invented the One-Hour Facelift, and he performs them at Epione in Beverly Hills. Dr. Ourian custom designs the perfect combination of Coolaser treatments, Botox, and injectable fillers for each patient.

The result? A natural-looking glow that will have people convinced that you just came back from a fabulously restful vacation. After all, you want to feel sunny, not Cher.