13 Million Minimally Invasive Procedures Reported in 2012

The amount of people who opted to have some sort of cosmetic surgery rose again last year (2012), and the numbers are staggering. Over 14.6 million people decided to undergo cosmetic procedures in the United States. This was a five percent rise compared to 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). What’s truly remarkable and interesting to note was just how many were considered “more invasive procedures.” Only 1.6 million.

An invasive cosmetic procedure is one where more serious surgery is required. The types of surgeries included here were breast reduction/augmentation surgery, liposuction, facelifts, and eyelid surgeries. Indeed, these were amongst the most popular of the surgical cosmetic procedures. However, these numbers remain relatively stable when compared to the ever-rising market for minimally invasive procedures.

Minimally invasive procedures have been gaining traction in the last few years due to the relative simplicity of the work. It can even be done as an out-patient procedure, depending on the circumstances. The most popular of these was, unsurprisingly, Botox injections — which attracted a number of 6.1 million people alone. Laser hair removal was also on the list of the most popular procedures.

Some patients may graduate from the simpler minimally invasive procedures to full blown surgical ones depending on the nature of their individual wants. The total number of minimally invasive procedures totaled at over 13 million. This is nearly ten times the sum of surgical procedures. Some at the ASPS believe that this trend represents the general economic recovery as people can now afford to have this work done.

Cosmetic surgery has always been a big business in the United States, but in 2012 Americans spent more money than they had in previous years on minor cosmetic procedures. Why is this happening, you may ask? As strange as it sounds, the reason may lie with our lackluster economy.

Not surprisingly, wealthier Americans were the most likely to spend money on cosmetic procedures of all kinds. Their reasons for receiving these procedures were also largely the same as they’ve always been as well. Simply put, people receive Botox injections and laser hair removal procedures because it makes them feel good to look good. In other words, beauty is an investment, and one that can allegedly help someone in these tough economic times.

Of course, another reason why people have always received cosmetic surgery is to appear more attractive to potential romantic partners. That doesn’t change in a difficult economy. In fact, it appears that a struggling economy actually contributes to people, especially women, receiving cosmetic surgery to attract others. The idea is that a recession turns financially stable men into more of a rarity, so women feel that they have to work harder to attract men. This often means spending more money on products and treatments to improve their appearances.